Getting Your Child To Exercise During The Winter Months

Posted on: 13 December 2016

According to healthcare experts, children need at least one hour of exercise each day. While it's easy to send your child outside to play during the warm spring, summer, and fall months, helping your child get enough physical activity during the winter months can be challenging.

Here are three simple suggestions that you can use to help ensure your child is getting adequate exercise, no matter how low the outdoor temperature may drop.

1. Take advantage of the great outdoors.

Although the winter months may bring cool temperatures and a lot of snow, they can also play host to some unique outdoor activities that will help your child have fun and get some physical activity in.

As long as you have adequately warm clothing for your child, he or she can enjoy outdoor activities like sledding or building a snow fort. These activities will provide enough entertainment that your child will not even notice that he or she is exercising.

2. Take advantage of the great indoors.

If it's too cold to play outside, you can always explore some of the indoor activities that can give your child the opportunity to get in some physical activity.

Indoor activities can include a trip to your local gym for a few laps in an indoor pool or participation in a class like karate or dance. You can also take your child to an indoor trampoline park, roller skating rink, or rock climbing center for some unique forms of exercise.

3. Take advantage of technology.

Most children enjoy using mobile devices like cell phones or tablets. You can easily harness this interest in technology and transform it into an opportunity for your child to get some exercise.

Try downloading some apps that are designed to get your child up and moving around. You can also encourage your child to get some physical activity by finding instructional videos targeting children. Some popular options can include dance courses or children's yoga. Your child's favorite gaming console can also become a source of physical activity when you choose to play interactive games that require movement.

By incorporating technology into your child's daily exercise routine, he or she will be able to get enough exercise during the cold winter months.

Finding creative ways to help your child exercise during the winter doesn't have to be impossible. Try some new outdoor activities, visit an indoor fun park, or download some exercise apps to help keep your child active during the winter. For assistance, talk to a child health clinic.


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